YouTube Red Apk v15.50.35 Download For Android [Working]

YouTube Red Apk is a perfect mod of the popular video-sharing platform giving access to worldwide content without any restrictions. YouTube Red Mod Apk provides tons of additional features in comparison to the original app.

There is a lot more to this mod than removing in-video ads. At first glance, this YT mod may look ordinary, however, you will discover a sea of features as you dig deep.

If you are dissatisfied with how the original YT app works, try switching it with other alternatives. For instance, YouTube Vanced, YouTube ReVanced, ReVanced Extended, YouTube Pink, and YouTube Black, to name a few.

This mod is the latest offering that customizes the experience in the best possible way. It is similar to YouTube but free and gives vast access to content online. Without further delay, let’s learn about YouTube Red and why it is a must-try mod

What is YouTube Red Apk?

This application is brimming with user-friendly features to make you not go back to the original app. One massive benefit it provides to its users is blocking in-video ads and pre-rolls. Now, videos are playable without having to watch unskippable ads. Additionally, it gives access to vast content from worldwide creators by lifting all country restrictions.

Importantly, users can customize themes, enhance video quality with simple controls, and limit data usage to save mobile data. Moreover, users can upload their content, live stream, and check video analysis to view content reach and success rate.

In addition, it is equipped with multilingual subtitles, a watch later list, and an offline viewing option. Plus, users can set snooze time for a certain period of time to remind them if they exceed the set time. It has a clean, simple interface with the ability to change the theme color with a couple of clicks.

App Details

NameYouTube Red
Size97.95 MB

Key Features

If you are searching for an application that grants you all the premium features of YouTube, YouTube Red is the right option. Most applications claim to provide all premium features, however, this one ” actually” does. More specifically, here is what makes this application worth considering.

  • Ad and Sponsored Content Block – Ad and sponsored content ruin YouTube for us more than anything else. Therefore, this application blocks them for you to focus and enjoy more meaningful content.
  • Play in Background – This application is more convenient than the original YouTube. It allows you to play any YouTube video of your choice in the background.
  • Live Stream and Updates – To improve and streamline the user experience, this application allows you to watch live streams. Moreover, get updates relating to them.
  • Google Synchronization – This application supports Google synchronization. So, you can log in to your Google account and get your favorite recommendations.
  • Unlimited Downloading and Video Sharing – Most modified applications allow you to download but not share videos. However, this Android app supports both. Watch, download, and share your favorite videos with your friends as well.
  • Watch Later List – Watch Later list is the most thoughtful addition to this modified app. It allows you to add videos to the later list and watch whenever you have time. Moreover, this application sends you reminders from time to time to watch the videos you added to the list.
  • Snooze Time – Trying to limit the time you spend on YouTube? There might not be any better app to download. The snooze time feature in the application notifies you when you exceed your daily limit.
  • Others – It allows you to enjoy subtitles in multiple languages, watch videos in HD, and set a black theme.

How to Download and Install YouTube Red Apk?

  • Download – First of all, download the YouTube Red Mod Apk from the link available here.
  • Allow Third-Party Apps – If not already granted, give permission to install from Unknown Sources before proceeding to installation.
  • Installation – Now, install the mod, run it, and explore what it has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any modified app for YouTube?

Yes, there are many modified applications for YouTube. YouTube Red is the best of all these apps.

Where to download YouTube Red Apk?

You can download YouTube Red Apk from this website. The link provided in this application is safe, and free from viruses and bugs. Tap on the download button and follow the guide to get the app on your phone.

Wrap Up

Just a little reminder, it may look it but this is not YouTube Premium. This provides all the pro functions to users for free for an optimal video-viewing experience. It does not slow down user experience by running incessant ads or restricting content from other countries.

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