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YouTube Music ReVanced Extended is a modified version of ReVanced Music. It is expertly developed to be a more advanced edition of the popular YT ReVanced Music. Like the aforementioned tool, it delivers ad-free music along with all the pro features of YT Music. It allows you to discover new music without having to deal with incessant ads.

Most music lovers rely on YT Music to get their daily music fix. While it is a go-to option for many, it does have some limitations which can not be overlooked. Currently, there are multiple popular mod versions of the official app available at the moment. Of all the mods, Vanced Music and ReVanced Music have gained immense popularity for their functions.

Well, now YT Music ReVanced Extended is here to take things to the next level. It is going to bring more advanced features and enhancements to the table. It is still in the works and will take some time to catch up with the aforesaid mods.

What is YouTube Music ReVanced Extended?

As mentioned above, it is a mod version of the popular YT Music mod, ReVanced Music and Vanced Music. As for the functionality, it is developed with similar features as the mod mentioned above.

Primarily, it focuses on improving the music streaming experience. Unlike the original app, you can stream music without having to watch ads at the intro and outro of the video. This useful function is unlocked without paying a subscription fee.

In addition, it allows you to play music in the background while you work on other apps or scroll on Instagram. Rest assured that the audio quality of the songs is not compromised just because it is a mod version.

Plus, you can save video quality, block audio ads, and set a sleep timer. The sleep timer option will automatically stop the music once it reaches the scheduled duration. Further, users can download their favorite tracks with just a few clicks without having to surf the web for them.

App Details

NameReVanced Extended Music
Size55.34 MB and 46.32 MB

How to Download and Install YT Music ReVanced Extended Apk?

Unfortunately, it is not available on the Google Play store as it violates the rules laid by the official app store. So, your best bet is a reliable third-party source for the installation of this mod. Fret not, we brought you an updated link to the YouTube Music mod free from malware and virus.

Grab the download link from here, and follow the guide mentioned below to finish the installation

  • Step 1 – First of all, download the YouTube Music ReVanced Extended Apk from the link available here.
  • Step 2 – The Android system notifies the user whether or not the device is permitted to install apps from external sources. If not already, go to the device’s settings, find the Unknown Sources in the security tab, and toggle on the option.
  • Step 3 – Now, simply find the downloaded file, either from the browser’s download section or the File Manager. Once located, click on it and wait till the installation completes.

App Screenshots

  • ScreenShot of ReVanced Extended Music
  • ScreenShot of ReVanced Extended Music Apk
  • ScreenShot of ReVanced Extended Music App


If you are a music lover who can not afford to pay for YouTube Music Premium, this is truly a blessing. It does not just have all the paid features of this app but some other advanced as well. Here are a few of the premium and advanced features you would get to unlock with this app.

  • Ad and sponsored content block – Just as you expect, this modified application also blocks sponsored content and ads for you. You do not get to see them or have to block them yourself, it allows you to listen to music uninterrupted.
  • Background play – Background play is every music lover’s favorite feature. It is because it’s impossible to stay on the app all the time. The background play feature comes in handy when you have to do other things on the phone and have to listen to your favorite music non-stop as well. It allows you to play music, go back, and continue surfing the internet or playing games.
  • High-quality audio – As this is a modified application, do not expect it to have inferior audio quality. This application has pretty high-quality audio by default. You would find the audio just as good as the YouTube Premium.
  • Themes – This application gives two choices to the users dark and light theme. You can change the theme according to your mood and preferences anytime.
  • Customization – You can customize the name, icon, and many other things to match your preferences and style.
  • Disable or hide shots – YouTube also has shots, you can hide or disable them. Whenever you are in the mood to watch shots again, you can bring them back.
  • Local configuration fix – It’s pretty common to face minor issues while using such apps. Local configuration fix allows you to get these issues resolved and have a lasting experience.
  • Landscape mode – This application allows you to play music videos in landscape mode as well. All you have to do is rotate the phone, the video would shift to landscape mode automatically.
  • Eye-friendly video tint – It has to keep looking at the screen when the screen tint is super bright. Since music lovers have to listen to music non-stop, it has an eye-friendly video tint. This eye-friendly video tint allows you to use this app for more hours than usual.
  • External download button – Have a hard time downloading music? Well, this application has resolved that issue as well by adding the external download button. The external download button allows you to download any of your favorite music hassle-free.
  • No root required – The best thing about this modified application is that it requires no root at all. You can download and use this version without root or updating your phone smoothly.
  • Upgrade notification removal – This application shows all the updates available on the navigation bar or homepage. You can choose to keep it or remove it as well.
  • New playlist button – There is a new playlist button on the homepage, you can keep it or remove it. If you keep it, creating a new playlist gets easier.


If you liked ReVanced Music, then YouTube Music ReVanced Extended app is definitely for you. It is a nearly similar version containing all the primary functions like ads-free streaming, background playback, and hassle-free downloading. Stay Tunned to ReVancedExtended to download and get any information Regarding Extended versions of YouTube.

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