Vanced Music Apk v5.39.52 Download For Android [Latest]

Vanced Music is a perfect mod for YouTube Music with a number of additional exciting features. YouTube Music Vanced is a great app for users who wish to enjoy music without any interruptions. This tool mimics the functionality of the official YouTube Music app. Like the original app, it has the largest song library, podcasts, and all the premium features.

While YouTube Music is a paid app, Vanced Music Apk offers all its services without any cost. First launched in 2018, this modified platform has garnered a huge following over the years. There is a possibility that it may become more popular than the official app in the coming years all thanks to the services it provides.

Music lovers who want to enjoy music without any restrictions must try this app once. It completely transforms the way you stream music and you would not want to go back to any official app with limited functionality. Well, there is more to it, read on to know what it has to offer

What is Vanced Music?

The primary objective of the Vanced Music app is to ensure ad-free music streaming. Additionally,  it supports background playback and audio-only mode.

In short, this platform offers all the paid services of the official YouTube Music for free. As soon as you run this mod, it will ask you to choose your favorite artists and suggest music based on the information given.

Further, there are tons of playlists with content that you may like to listen to. Moreover, there are separate lists of songs for different moods and activities such as workouts, relaxation, new releases, latest hits, and more.

It is like the original platform with all the premium features to ensure the best experience. Additionally, it plays songs while working in the background to let you browse other apps.

Interestingly enough, users can also view the lyrics in real-time without having to search for them separately. Further, it saves mobile data by letting you play the mp3 version of the songs. Additionally, create playlists of your favorite songs, listen to music offline, and enable restricted mod to limit exposure to harmful content.

App Details

NameYouTube Music Vanced
Size114.8 MB


More than allowing you to stream music, this application is developed to provide access to the premium features of YouTube Music. Therefore, if you can afford to pay for the premium package, that’s a pretty fine idea. The feature that this Music application unlocks for you are

Ad and Sponsored Content Block

Like all modified apps out there, this application also targets and blocks advertisement and sponsored content. This application examines, eliminates advertisements, and delivers filtered content.

This would not only ensure filtered content but allow you to play without any interruptions as well. You would not have to watch any ad at the beginning, middle, or end of your favorite music video.

Background Play

A music application without a background play feature is not worth it. You can not always stay on the app to listen to your favorite music. How annoying it is to not be able to play music in the background.

To facilitate music addicts, this application allows you to play music in the background hassle-free. You neither have to pay to get the feature nor have to be a tech expert to figure out how it should be done.

Bluetooth Mode

Quite the opposite of your expectations, this application supports Bluetooth as well. By turning on Bluetooth, you can share your favorite music with your friends and loved ones as well.

Low Mobile Data Usage

It’s no secret that music applications take a lot of data. Therefore, you can not use these music apps much. Surprisingly, this application is an exception, it uses data as compared to the other music apps. This allows you to spend more time doing what you truly love. However, you have to turn on this feature to get this advantage.

In-Built Downloader

This application has an in-built downloader. So, you do not need any external source to download music at all. You can use this in-built downloader to download videos in your phone’s storage as well as the app’s library.


Besides downloading the music, you can build an extensive playlist with the application. By building the playlist, you would have all of your favorite songs in one place. It saves you time as you would not have to search for your favorite music every time.

Real-Time Lyrics

This versatile application does not just play music non-stop. It helps you interpret your favorite music as well by allowing you to read the lyrics. So, if you are downloading this application, you would not have to go to Google and read the lyrics to understand the music better.

Restricted Mode

The restricted mode feature is equally beneficial for you and your kids. You can get the best recommendations by restricting the unwanted stuff for yourself and your kids.

Supports MircoG

Surprisingly, there is no need to build your account from scratch. This app supports microG, log in with your Google account and transfer all your data to this new application.

How to Download and Install Vanced Music Apk?

  • Step 1 – First off, download the Vanced Music Apk from the link given in this post.
  • Step 2 – If there is any installation error, try enabling Unknown Sources from the settings tab to allow the installation of Apk apps.
  • Step 3 – Finally, locate the file and install this mod by clicking on it.

Alternatively, if you already have installed Vanced Manager, it would require just a few clicks to install and update YT Vanced Music. Install it from the Vanced Manager along with the MicroG app to retrieve music streaming preferences effortlessly.


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  • Screenshot of Vanced Music
  • Screenshot of Vanced Music Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube Vanced Music still available?

Yes, YouTube Vanced Music is still available. This post is living proof of this music application’s existence. You can start the downloading process by hitting the download button given above on

Is YouTube Vanced free?

Yes, YouTube Vanced is free. It does not charge a single penny to unlock premium features of YouTube Music.

In a Nutshell

To summarize, it is the best, ad-free alternative to the official YT Music app. Undoubtedly, this mod is equipped with a number of functions to improve your experience. So, don’t hesitate, to install it now, and enjoy all the premium features without paying the subscription.

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