Ultimate Guide on “Enhancer For YouTube”

“Enhancer for YouTube”, as the name implies, is expertly designed to improve your YouTube experience. It goes beyond just blocking and managing the number of ads to be displayed when watching a YouTube video. In fact, it has some of the coveted pro features that you could only previously avail of by subscribing to YouTube Premium.

YouTube ads have become increasingly annoying over the years as more and more advertisers are promoting their products and services through the platform. The number of ads has most definitely increased which has adversely impacted the viewing experience. While there is an official option to block, it is not for free and you have to subscribe to the Individual, Family, or Student plan of YT Premium.

If you are looking for a free substitute, Enhancer for YouTube is the most convenient option. Alternatively, you can install the most efficient YT mod available out there, ReVanced Extended. Let’s learn more about it and decide if it can enhance the YT experience.

What is “Enhancer For YouTube

This reliable and trustworthy tool is used by hundreds and thousands of individuals who wish to take their YT experience to the next level. It offers many ad management features to block, skip, or restrict ads more easily. It is built to smartly bypass YouTube adblock detection.

While blocking sponsored content is one of the main features, it enables users to scroll down comments or YT feeds while watching videos in the mini-player. Not only that but it also gives you more control when it comes to playback speed.

Besides all, a user can customize the appearance, change themes, adjust volume levels, and more. On top of that, it supports multiple browsers which adds to the convenience.


Unlike other similar tools, it offers many functions that give it superiority. It does not just restrict or block ads but also gives access to the necessary features that a user may need. Without further ado, let’s explore what this amazing YT tool has to offer

  • Ads Management – Users have different options to try when it comes to sponsored content. For instance, they can either block the ads entirely or skip the non-skippable ads. If you chose the former option, ads shown prior, in between, or at the end of the video would be blocked.
  • Whitelist Channels – If you want to block ads as well as support your favorite creator, it has a solution for you. To that end, users can add their favorite channels to the whitelist, so that the selected content creators can earn revenues from the ads.
  • Playback Speed – Using a mouse wheel, the playback speed of any video can be easily controlled. Users have the following playback speed options, 1.1, 1.15, 1.2, 1.3, and more. If you have selected a default playback speed, it will be applied as soon as you start watching any video.
  • Video Quality – Select a default playback video quality to automatically load the video in the said quality.
  • Adjust Volume Level – Similar to playback speed, users have the option to increase or decrease the volume of any video using the mouse wheel.
  • Customize Appearance – While this function is not provided by the official app, you can change the theme as well as hide comments, recommended videos, and chats.
  • Pop-up Players – Now, users can watch videos using the pop-up players while scrolling the comments.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Another handy function is to configure the keyboard shortcuts and use them to get to your desired option more quickly.
  • Cinema Mode – By enabling the cinema mode, videos will be automatically enlarged when you press play.
  • Compatibility – It supports multiple browsers including Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

How to Use Enhancer for YouTube?

As soon as you install the tool, you will be given access to all of its amazing features. Go to the main interface, explore its functions, and enable any of them. For instance, you can activate ad blocker or cinema mode.

Now, play the video and you will see the changes made have appeared. Moreover, there will be a toolbar at the bottom of the screen, press the appropriate button to activate the options accordingly.

In a Nutshell

Once you have used the tool, it is more likely that you would not want to use YouTube without it. It is a multi-purpose tool that has multiple functions demanded by YT users. So, install it now and experience YouTube content like never before.

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