How to Bypass YouTube Adblock Detection? [Updated Method]

Do you want to watch YouTube without ads, but are a bit concerned that it will detect it? Well, the authorities continuously update their algorithm. So, it detects the ad blockers quite fast. However, we live in an advanced world. If YouTube is quick in detecting the AdBlock, we have found hundreds of solutions to bypass it as well.

Just so you can bypass the YouTube adblock detection, we have brought you some working solutions. Here they are;

How to Bypass YouTube Adblock Detection on Android?

To be honest, if there are a lot of ways to detect adblock, you can bypass the adblock detection in many ways as well. Here is what you can do to successfully bypass YouTube adblock detection.

  • Use an undetectable AdBlock
  • Disable Javascript
  • Consider a user script manager
  • Switch to incognito mode
  • Enable distill page feature
  • Inspect element and CSS trick
  • Switch to YouTube ReVanced

Use an undetectable Adblock

The most surefire way to bypass YouTube Adblock detection is by using an undetectable Adblock service. If you use any poor adblocker, you will get caught pretty easily. Therefore, you have to be super careful while finding an ad block.

Since YouTube detects ad blockers easily, a lot of undetectable ad blockers are introduced. The recent ad blockers are super advanced and undetectable. So, you have to search well and read the features before using it to block YouTube ads. To bypass YouTube adblock detection, all you have to do is download, launch the application, sign up, and enable the adblock service. You are good to go.

Disable Javascript

You can also disable Javascript to bypass the YouTube adblock detection. Disabling Javascript is not even tricky, even a technologically challenged individual can do it. It will instantly disable the popup appearing on the screen telling you your ad blocker is disabled.

Now the question at hand is, how can you disable Javascript? Well, the process is pretty simple.

  • Open the Chrome browser on your Android on any other device you use YouTube on
  • Find the three dots given at the top-right corner. Click on the dots
  • Scroll down to settings and click to open
  • Go to privacy settings
  • Select the site settings
  • Find ‘Javascript’ in the given options in the content section
  • Click ‘add’ under the not allowed to use Javascript
  • Type ‘’ in the add site bar and click add, you are done!

Disabling Javascript on the Safari browser is even more simple. You have to

  • Open the Safari menu bar and go to settings
  • Scroll down to the security section and click to get options
  • Check the ‘disable Javascript’ option, you are done!

Firefox users can disable JavaScript manually or use a browser extension for an easier way.

On Opera, you have to disable Javascript by following the below-mentioned guide.

  • Go to the Opera’s menu bar
  • Click preferences
  • Go to settings and select advanced settings
  • Click the site settings to find the relevant settings
  • Click the Javascript option
  • Enable the allowed toggle to disable Javascript

If you use Microsoft Edge, you can disable the Javascript as follows

  • Click the three dots icon on the top-right corner of the page
  • Select settings to move ahead with the plan
  • Click cookies and site permission
  • Click Javascript
  • Disable the Javascript

Consider a user script manager

A script manager can also help you in this matter. There are a lot of handy script-managing tools in the market. You have to pick up an advanced script manager to manage user scripts and successfully bypass the adblock detection.

The two most recommended options are Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey. These browser extensions not only help you get around with the AdBlock detection but also do not disturb the layout of the page.

Switch to Incognito mode

Undoubtedly, that’s the easiest way to bypass YouTube adblock detection. You simply have to switch to the Incognito mode and change the settings of the adblocker software to bypass the adblock detection.

  • Click the three dots on the top right of the Google Chrome
  • Go to more tools and head to the extension
  • Scroll down to Incognito and enable it
  • Click “Allow in Incognito”

Enable distill page feature

The distill page feature is just another promising solution to this problem. Though, it causes a little distortion to the web page’s layout but dodges the YouTube adblock detection quite well. It helps you remove all the unwanted elements and eliminates adblock detection.

To enable the distill page feature you have to

  • Go to chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode right now
  • Find the ‘Enable Reader Mode’
  • Enable it

Inspect element and CSS trick

If none of the above-mentioned options work for you, this surely will. However, bypassing YouTube Adblock detection this way is a bit technical and tricky but worth it.

For this, you have to right-click on YouTube and click inspect to open the innards of codes. You have to tweak the CSS properties of troublesome code. Again this method is a bit technical to explain here, you should have a better understanding or get professional help.

Switch to YouTube ReVanced

You can also switch to YouTube ReVanced to block ads without giving the authorities a hint. YouTube ReVanced is the most advanced modified version of YouTube. It gives access to all the premium features of YouTube and blocks ads for you. You can watch all the YouTube content ads for free without using an ad blocker or anything. YouTube would not be able to detect as well.

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