How to Watch YouTube Without Ads? [Working 2023]

How to watch YouTube without ads? Ads on YouTube can be quite annoying and ruin the whole experience of watching your favorite content. Well, there are a lot of workarounds to blocking ads, some you may already be familiar with, while others are new and innovative.

Over the years, the ads on YT videos have increased significantly as more and more advertisers are showing interest in promoting their products and services on YouTube. Often, videos start with non-skippable ads that waste plenty of time.

Fret not, here are some ways to ensure an ad-free viewing experience on YouTube

How to Watch YouTube Without Ads?

Several advertisers rely on YouTube to promote and sell their products and services. While ads can be effective for advertisers, it can be an annoyance for viewers. There are a number of ways to stop ads from ruining your viewing experience.

Let’s delve deep and have a look at all the ways you can get rid of incessant ads on YouTube.

YouTube Premium

One of the most common ways to enjoy an ad-free experience is to subscribe to YouTube Premium. Subscribing to YT Premium gives you access to exclusive features and blocks all sorts of ads.

It has Individual, Student, and Family plans with varying subscription fees. Moreover, there is a free trial for eligible candidates living in certain countries.

It offers a wide range of exclusive features besides blocking ads. For instance, downloading, background play, YT Music premium, premium badges, PiP mode, continue watching, live chat, and early access to new updates.

With all said, this method of blocking ads requires you to pay a certain fee, there are certain free ways to remove ads as well.

Ad-Blocking Extension

Another common and free way of removing ads is to install an ad-blocking extension in your browser. Selecting the right extension depends largely on the default browser you use to view YouTube videos.

These ad-blocking extensions are effective in removing ads not just from YouTube but also from any site a user uses. A downside to using an extension is that many websites may not give you access to their content.

Some websites have built-in ad blocker detection software which blocks users who have enabled an extension to block ads. With that said, ad-blocking extensions, nowadays, have advanced settings that allow you to customize them for specific websites.

Third-Party Mods

YT Premium requires a subscription and the ad-blocking extension works only if you are using a browser to view YT videos. Therefore, both methods are not entirely perfect as a user may wish. Using a third-party YouTube mod is effective in stopping ads. It not only ensures an ads-free experience but also gives access to all the YT Premium features.

Countless mods have been providing the aforementioned services, however, ReVanced Extended comes on top for being the most efficient one. It has all the pro features as well as blocks ads without demanding a single penny. Other popular mods are YouTube Vanced, NewPipe, Skytube, YouTube Go, and more.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Services

It is not a guaranteed way of blocking ads, however, using a VPN hides your location and other important information giving advertising algorithms not much to work with. As a result, you would be shown no or very few ads before the video.

Using a VPN service is a great way to protect your privacy by hiding your location, IP address, and online activity. Some VPNs are specifically designed to be more effective in blocking ads. It is worth noting that this is not a surefire way of blocking ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Avoid Ads on YouTube?

There are multiple ways to stop ads from ruining your YouTube experience. For instance, subscribing to YT premium, installing an ad-blocking extension, or using a mod app.

Is there a Subscription for YouTube Without Ads?

Yes, subscribing to YouTube Premium is the easiest way to get rid of incessant ads. Not only that but you can also get quick access to pro features like downloading, PiP, early updates, and more.

How Can I Watch YouTube Without Ads on My Phone?

There are two most effective ways of stopping ads when watching YouTube on your phone. Either subscribe to YouTube Premium or download a mod app that offers all the pro features for free.


Among all, the easiest way to block ads is to get a YouTube Premium subscription. Besides, you will get free access to YouTube Music without any ads. Using third-party mods and ad-blocking extensions would be the best free alternatives.

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