mMicroG Apk v0.2.27.231613 Download For Android [Old Version]

mMicroG is here to take over the popular Vanced MicroG and ReVanced MicroG. It has the potential to replace the former tool as it contains improved features and functionalities. This latest version brings new features and enhancements to boost your overall experience. With that said, it is still in the development phase and undergoing improvements to match the functionality of Vanced MicroG.

For those who are not familiar, MicroG allows users to use Google Play apps without having the Google Play Services installed. Not only does it frees you from reliance on Google Play Services but also provides additional services. For instance, location services, push notifications, and app compatibility.

All the aforesaid features are provided by the mMicroG to its users. In fact, dozens of users have given positive feedback and consider it a superior alternative to Vanced MicroG. Learn more about this tool that is surely going to be the next thing in the world of YT mods.

What is mMicroG?

If you use YouTube Vanced or ReVanced Extended mods, this app is tailor-made for you. Using this tool, a user can connect and sync their Google account to Vanced and ReVanced Extended apps. All your saved information will be retrieved easily, for instance, history and subscriptions.

As per some reviews, it works more seamlessly and does not consume battery abnormally. With Vanced MicroG, many users reported issues with excessive battery consumption and receiving YT subscription notifications. Well, users would not be facing any issues with this newly developed MicroG version.

App Details

NamemicroG Services Core
Size38.98 MB


Now that you got the basic idea, it’s high time to move ahead and discuss the key features. By reading the key features of this application, you would understand how it is better than the other modified YouTube apps.

  • Ads and Sponsor content block – Like the Premium YouTube version, it also won’t show any Ads and sponsored content. Ads and sponsored content are the most annoying thing about the regular YouTube application, almost everyone wants to block them. You can only get rid of the ads and sponsored content by switching to YouTube Premium or this app.
  • Google account synchronization – This application also supports Google account synchronization as well. So, you can log in with your Google account and get the best recommendations and have access to the playlist. This is the most incredible feature as you would not have to build your playlist from scratch and give the application some time to know your preferences.
  • Battery saving – Unlike the original YouTube application, it consumes less battery. So, if you spend most of your time watching random videos on YouTube, this application would give you more time to enjoy. You would not have to put your phone on charge every other hour to keep on watching videos.
  • Multiple language support – This application supports multiple languages for the user’s convenience. So, you can select and use the application in any other language than English.
  • Rooted and unrooted devices support – You can download and use this application on both rooted and unrooted devices. The best thing about this application is that it provides more or less the same services on unrooted devices as rooted ones.

How to Download and Install mMicroG apk?

  • Step 1 – First of all, check if the device is allowed to install apps from external sources by heading to the settings. If not, enable the Unknown Sources option available in the security settings tab.
  • Step 2 – Next, Click on the download button available on this web page to grab the mMicroG apk file.
  • Step 3 – Lastly, navigate to the file recently downloaded, simply click on it to install the app, sit tight, it may take a minute to install.

Is mMicroG apk Safe to Use?

Yes, mMicroG apk is safe to use. This modified application is developed by a reliable developer. So, you can trust it blindly and replace it with the original YouTube application. It would not mess up your playlist, or cause any harm to your Google account and device at all. Feel free to download, use, and update as often as the new features arrive.


If you use any MicroG version and are not satisfied with the services, it is recommended to install mMicroG. While there is room for improvement, it is definitely worth a try.

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