RVX Manager Apk v1.5.2 Download For Android [Extended]

RVX Manager is similar to ReVanced Manager in functionality. It is designed with nearly similar features, however, has fewer bugs and runs inotia00 patches seamlessly. It is the best alternative to ReVanced Manager to inject updates and features into social applications without any hassle.

ReVanced Manager became an instant hit among users for its impeccable services. It improved the functionality of the many popular apps without switching to the premium versions. Instead of paying for the pro services, players rely on third-party to alter major apps and get desired functions.

RVX Manager Apk is still in the development phase, new features and apps are being added to enhance user experience. However, this app might need some time to catch up to the same level of popularity and functionality as ReVanced Manager. With that said, don’t underestimate its potential, it offers some valuable features.

What is RVX Manager?

This is an alternate version of ReVanced Manager that allows you to run inotia00 patches and build extended Apps. With RVX Manager, you can customize multiple apps to enhance the user experience without paying money. It is truly a game changer for those looking to explore the pro functions of popular apps.

Currently, it supports a limited number of Android apps but the team is constantly working on adding more. As compared to the official ReVanced Manager, it offers improved compatibility with inotia00 patches. A user can seamlessly incorporate the said patches without encountering frequent errors.

Besides improved compatibility, it allows users to export and import patches as well as keystore. Currently, it supports YT, YT Music, Reddit, and MicroG. Further, users can switch between dark and light modes to prevent eye strains.

App Details

NameRVX Manager
Package Nameapp.rvx.manager.flutter
Size20.69 MB


As you now know this is a forked version of ReVanced Manager, it is launched to be better than that modified YouTube application. It has the most advanced features that make using this application fun and harder to switch to ReVanced Manager or Vanced Manager.

  • Good quality content – What made us recommend this application is good quality content. The content is just as interesting and engaging as the original application. So, you can spend hours watching videos on this application and not get bored.
  • Google account synchronization – Like ReVanced Manager, this application allows Google account synchronization as well. So, you can log in with your Google account and get your desired content and playlist here on this app as well.
  • Dark/light mode – Now almost every application has dark/light mode. So, this application also supports the dark/light theme as well. You can pick up light or dark themes according to your preference.
  • Export/import patches – What’s even more promising is that it also supports export and import patches. So, you would be able to share files with your friends without any hassle.
  • Ad block – Like it’s competitor app, this application also shows no ads. You get to watch all the YouTube video ads for free. It saves your time and makes watching random YouTube videos even more fun.
  • Background play – Background play is another exciting feature, it allows you to play music and other videos while surfing the internet and even when your screen is off. That’s the best thing about this application as this feature is only available in YouTube Premium.
  • Customization options – You can customize a lot of things in this app and have a personalized experience. If I get more specific, you can change the launcher icon, skin options, app name, and even the entire style.
  • No watermark – This application does not just remove ads and sponsored content for you, it removes watermarks as well. You can watch videos without watermarks as well, which is annoying sometimes.
  • Dislikes reveal – This application returns the dislikes count for you. While watching any random video on this application, you would be able to see how many people disliked the video.

ScreenShots of the App

  • ScreenShot of Rvx Manager
  • ScreenShot of Rvx Manager Apk
  • ScreenShot of Rvx Manager App
  • ScreenShot of Rvx Manager Download

How to Download and Install RVX Manager Apk?

  • Step 1 – To get started, click on the download button given on Revancedextended.io to download the RVX Manager Apk file. It will take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute to have the file downloaded.
  • Step 2 – Before continuing with the installation, head over to the settings to enable the option for unknown sources.
  • Step 3 – Once the third-party apps are allowed, go to the download folder to click on the file. Wait for a little bit till the installation process finishes up.


To sum up, RVX manager is going to be a powerful tool in the future to alter apps. It has the potential to surpass ReVanced Manager in popularity and functionality. If it supports the app you’re seeking to modify, install it today.

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