ReVanced Manager v1.4.1 Apk Download For Android [Latest]

ReVanced Manager has taken over ever since the Vanced Manager was discontinued. While the Vanced Manager app still works for some Android versions, a huge user base has shifted to the ReVanced Manager Apk.

Currently, ReVanced Manager is carrying the Vanced legacy and it has not disappointed the devoted users. Unquestionably, it is more advanced and allows you to patch multiple popular applications in addition to YouTube.

Further, this installer app allows vast customizations, ease of installation, and several handy additional functions. Unlike its predecessor, it is advanced and seems to remain functional for a long time. With all said it can be a little difficult to patch for regular users. However, if you use this installer application, it is worth every bit.

No matter what we say in praise of ReVanced Manager sounds reductive. It has emerged as a savior for YouTube ReVanced users who can install and update the application easily. It has many exciting features in store and gets updated frequently with new ones. Follow along to learn all about the ReVanced Manager app and its features.

What is ReVanced Manager?

In simple terms, it can be called an account management app for YouTube mods and other popular apps. Besides YouTube, it can be used to patch Reddit, Spotify, YouTube Music, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, and more.

It is an open-source project to patch the latest version of YT ReVanced. Moreover, this app allows users to patch nearly all social networking apps. However, it is not easy to patch applications for regular users.

Interestingly enough, it contains in-built tools and software to fix bugs and broken apps. Moreover, ReVanced Manager users would be the first ones to know about the latest updates and any messages from developers. Plus, updating any social application requires just a couple of clicks.

In addition, it supports custom URLs, dark mode, and universal patches. Also, the user is in charge of deleting keystore, temporary files, and logs. Furthermore, there are options to import, export, and reset patch collection. On top of that, it is 100% free and runs without any intrusive advertisements.

Importantly, ReVanced Manager’s latest version enables the download option for Twitter and TikTok. Moreover, the interface is made more appealing to engage users and makes it easy to patch apps. Lastly, this app is supported by several contributors to make it better for the users.

App Details

NameReVanced Manager
Package Nameapp.revanced.manager.flutter
Size45.27 MB


ReVanced Manager is thoughtfully built by a thoroughly professional enthusiastic team. Imagine having 10 creative members working on an app. How improved it would be from the similar apps and how constantly it is updated.

Even at the moment, it has all the features one expects to have in a managing application. If we get more specific, here are the best features of this tool.

Ad Block

Like the original YouTube ReVanced application, this tool is free from all sorts of ads as well. You can use it to download and manage the application hassle-free.

It saves a lot of your time by not showing any ads at all. Most of the users loved the most about this app, you would surely enjoy going ad-free as well.

Patch Apps Service

This is a truly versatile application as you can use it for multiple purposes. Besides managing YouTube ReVanced, you can patch other frequently downloaded and used applications as well.

These apps include Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, YouTube, YouTube Music, Twitch, Spotify, and a lot more. To be honest, being capable of patching multiple original apps is not even surprising. What is truly surprising is the simplicity of the app. All it requires you to do is select the app and apply the fix, the rest is not your job.

Broken Feature Repairer

There is no denying that having bugs and issues is common in third-party tools. Though, they get resolved but pass you through a painful process. This managing application is developed to take that burden off your shoulder as well.

Now, you do not have to report the bug, go through the lengthy process, and wait forever to have it fixed. This application detects and resolves the issue itself in a matter of hours.

In-Built Video Downloader

The in-built video downloader makes this application “absolutely” worth trying. With this application patched to your social media accounts, you can download any video in your phone storage.

Premium Logo Branding

This application grants you an opportunity to add premium logo branding to your home page. Moreover, it gives you access to more upgraded premium features of the patched apps for free.

Dark Theme and Material IUI

The dark theme and material blurs are a great combo. The dark theme makes the content pop up and material blurs add transparency to the backdrop.

How to Download and Install ReVanced Manager?

  • Step 1 – First of all, download the ReVanced Manager Apk from the link available on our Website (
  • Step 2 – Next up, enable Unknown Sources installations, if still you are encountering any error with installation, grant root permission.
  • Step 3 – Finally, click on the downloaded file, hit the install button, and wait for the installer app to install.


  • Screenshot of ReVanced Manager Apk
  • Screenshot of ReVanced Manager App
  • Screenshot of ReVanced Manager


What is the ReVanced Manager Apk?

ReVanced Manager Apk is an application that helps you install and manage YouTube ReVanced. It does not modify YouTube but manages the modifying app.

Is ReVanced Manager Apk a managing application?

Yes, ReVanced Manager Apk is a managing application. It assists with the installation and management of YouTube Revanced.

Is ReVanced Manager worth it?

Yes, ReVanced Manager is worth it as it takes most of the burden from your shoulder. It installs and manages the YouTube modifying app itself.

Is ReVanced Manager safe to use?

Yes, ReVanced Manager is safe to use. It does not carry any viruses at all. You can download and use it to simplify YouTube ReVanced operations.


To summarize, this is an all-inclusive third-party app that assists users to patch a number of social applications. This single platform works for a number of apps to save time and money. Wait no more, install it now and patch your favorite social application.

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