Smart YouTube Apk v16.04 Download For Android [Stable]

Smart YouTube Apk takes a step further with a diverse collection of features. Unlike other mods, it can be connected to the smart TV for a convenient video-viewing experience.

It is not easy to watch long videos on a small screen, hence, watching them on the TV would be more comfortable and fun. Connecting to Smart TV is not the only thing worth exciting about this mod, it has an extensive list of services for users.

Smart YouTube TV is a multipurpose, safe application without any malicious virus to harm your device. This highly advanced YouTube mod has everyone floored with its endless functions. It has plenty of user-friendly functions like YouTube Vanced, ReVanced Extended, ReVanced Manager, and YouTube Pink.

What is a Smart YouTube APK?

Developed by Yuriy Lyskov, this alternative is specifically designed for Android-based smart TVs. Besides Android TVs, it can be used for other streaming alternatives such as Fire TV, Firestick, Android Box, and Google TV.

One of the primary objectives of this YT mod is to block ads and promotional material. Users can stream endlessly without having to endure sponsor segments, subscription requests, banners, and pop-ups.

Besides ads-free streaming, it supports a TV box remote controller, an external software keyboard, and a maximum resolution of up to 8K. Moreover, it includes subtitles for well-known languages. Interestingly enough, it allows users to sync in Google accounts without using Google services.

App Details

Size22.24 MB


Smart YouTube is the greatest of all the modified YouTube applications. It is because this third-party version is more advanced and has features that other applications don’t. So, if you have tried multiple apps but remained disappointed, try this. This application is updated quite frequently, so every other day a new feature knocks on your door.

  • TV Screen View – Most YouTube applications are developed to serve smartphones. However, this modified version is truly worth praising as it supports TV viewing as well. So, if you like to watch YouTube on the big screen with all premium features for free, this is the right option.
  • Bug Fixing Service – All sorts of modified applications have bugs. Therefore, it would be a lie if we say this application does not. It has bugs but also the bug fixing service. This service detects and fixes the bug without even bothering you.
  • 4K Video Resolution – What may surprise you about this application is that it supports 4k video resolution. The 4k resolution is incredibly detailed and clear. So, you would get to watch all the YouTube videos in good quality.
  • Optimized UI – Optimized UI is a worth-admiring feature that only a few modified apps have. It means this application has bigger icons. You do not have to put on your specs to use the app.
  • Ad Free Service – Just as we expect from the modified apps, this application also does not show any sort of ads. Moreover, it filters out sponsored content as well.
  • Others – Other than that, this application is lightweight, supports different languages, free and convenient to use.

How to Install Smart YouTube TV APK?

  • Step 1 – First off, download Smart YouTube APK from the link given in this post.
  • Step 2 – Do not skip this step if it is your first time installing third-party apps, go to the settings tab to toggle on Unknown Sources.
  • Step 3 – Lastly, find the file in the downloads section of the browser, tap on it, and wait for the process to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the download size of Smart YouTube?

Smart YouTube is extremely lightweight. Its download size is 22.24MB.

Is Smart YouTube available for Android?

Smart YouTube is developed for Android. So, yes it’s available, you can download it and watch YouTube videos ad-free.

Wrap Up

Lastly, it is a must-try app if you own a smart TV and do not find it convenient to watch long videos on mobile. So, install the mod app now and share your experience with aspiring users in the comment section below.

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