YouTube Pink Apk v18.18.34 Download For Android [New]

YouTube Pink Apk is an advanced YouTube mod with a vibrant pink-colored theme. Since the original app is red in color, it is a refreshing change for YT users. With that said, Pink YouTube Apk does not just offer a unique theme and background, it eases all the restrictions previously faced by the official app users. Similar to Vanced, ReVanced, and ReVanced Extended, it unlocks all the premium features of YouTube.

While it is not as popular as the Vanced, Vanced Manager, and ReVanced products, YouTube Pink Latest Version is gradually expanding its user base. App users have been enjoying its features and watching content non-stop without ads. Ad-blocking is a popular function in nearly all YT mods, however, Pink YouTube just does not stop there.

It goes above and beyond to serve users by providing additional services. Not only does it work without intrusive ads but it also has plenty of functions to enhance your experience. Learn more about YouTube Pink for Android and its features and see the difference yourself.

What is YouTube Pink Apk?

This Android app lets users play videos without having to watch incessant, unskippable ads. Besides that, it is designed with a pink-colored theme which pops out and adds to the visual appeal.

In addition, users can switch to dark mode to save battery and watch videos at night without straining their eyes. Well, that’s not the only highlighting feature of the app, it supports background playback, switchable casting, PiP mode, and more.

In addition, the auto-repeat function plays the video you are watching on repeat in the foreground or background. Interestingly enough, it can be connected to the TV if the TV and mobile are on the same WiFi network.

Another function that YT Pink users will benefit from is limited mobile data usage. Also, it recommends videos that you may like according to your taste and preferences.

Plus, this mod features slider adjustment for increasing or decreasing the brightness of the screen. Unlike the official platform, it plays all the videos without any country restrictions. Once you are done watching videos on the mod, just double tap and the app will close.

App Details

NameYouTube Pink
Size127.96 MB


This is a modified version, it has all the features we can only dream to get in the original YouTube application. YouTube is never going to add premium features to the original application.

So, to enjoy YouTube with all those premium features, you either have to pay for them or download this application. Downloading YouTube Pink is a far better idea than spending your hard-earned money. It is because this version of the world’s largest video-sharing platform has the following features.

  • HD Videos – The most promising thing about this application is that it shows content in HD. So expect the picture quality sharper, clearer, and colors more wider and vibrant. This would allow you to have an immersive viewing experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface – This application has the most intuitive interface. Even a technologically challenged person can use it without reading any guide or watching a tutorial.
  • Playback Function – Though YouTube gets updated quite frequently. However, we still have not got the playback feature and it looks like we would never get either. YouTube Pink heard you, it has made this premium feature available for free.
  • Ad Block and Sponsored Content – YouTube viewers keep on complaining about the number of ads they have to watch at the beginning, middle, and end of videos. Therefore, almost every modified version of this application gives relief from annoying ads and sponsored content. This application has also done the same, blocking all sorts of ads, and sponsored content.
  • Customizable Pink Theme – As the name suggests, the color of the theme of this application is pink. However, it is customizable. You can make it sharper/deeper or move to a lighter shade according to your preferences.
  • Auto Repeat – This application has an auto-repeat option. You can turn it on and watch your favorite video as many times as you want without any interruptions.
  • No Restrictions – On YouTube there is a lot of restricted content. You must be 18 or belong to a certain country to view this content. This application allows you to watch such content without any hassle.
  • PIP Mode – PIP mode stands for a picture in picture mode. It allows you to shift the standard-sized video into a small-sized player. This feature is highly suitable for people who want to watch videos while surfing the internet.

Besides that, this application occupies less space, and data, and works best on all Android phones.

How to Download and Install YouTube Pink Apk?

  • Step 1 – First off, click on the download button to download Pink YouTube Apk. After a couple of seconds, it will take you to a download page, let the process complete to 100%.
  • Step 2 – Secondly, give permission to install apps from third-party apps by locating and activating the Unknown Sources option.
  • Step 3 – Lastly, initiate the installation process by clicking the downloaded file available in the File Manager. Next, confirm installation and wait till it is over.

Frequently Asked Question

Is YouTube Pink available on Google PlayStore?

No, you can only download the original version of YouTube from Google Play Store. This application is only available on this and a bunch of other websites.

How to download the YouTube Pink App?

You can download the YouTube Pink app like any other third-party application. Tap on the download button to download and enable the unknown resources in the settings to install it on your phone.

How is YouTube Pink better than the original YouTube application?

YouTube Pink is better because it has all the premium features of the original YouTube application. Moreover, it’s safe, free, and has the most intuitive interface.

Key Takeaway

To summarize, a user can customize their experience of watching content on YT with a number of features. Wait no more and install the latest version from our website to enjoy YT without limitations. After installation, you will get to explore all the features and play with several functions.

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