Vanced MicroG Apk v0.2.24.220220 Download For Android

Without Vanced MicroG, it is not possible to restore streaming preferences for YouTube Vanced and YouTube Vanced Music. With that said, it is not mandatory for users to install Vanced MicroG Apk, however, it would ensure ease of use.

While it contains an important function for YouTube Vanced users, they can still use the app without it. However, it would double the work they have to do to restore subscriptions and recommendations.

No doubt, YouTube Vanced has many lucrative features, however, it does not allow the direct synchronization of Google without the MicroG app. It is a deal breaker for many users considering the work they have to do to retrieve their streaming activities on the mod. All Vanced apps are not compatible with direct Google sign-in, so you have to install the Vanced MicroG app for this purpose.

Similarly, it is not possible to get the full benefits of the YouTube mod without this handy tool. Therefore, users do not resist installing the MicroG app to get the most out of YT Vanced and Vanced music. Let’s delve deep and explore what Vanced MicroG is all about

What is Vanced MicroG?

In simple words, this app developed by the Vanced Team allows users to log in to YouTube Vanced and Vanced Music with a Google account. It is developed specifically for non-rooted device users to install it without granting root permission. Once installed, it is not difficult to restore streaming preferences for the Vanced products.

This app is completely free, easy to install, and allows seamless integration of Google accounts into the YT mod. Once the Google ID is synced, users can get immediate access to their subscriptions, playlists, history, activities, and others. Without it, a user would have to manually find their favorite YT channels and subscribe to them again.

App Details

NameVanced microG
Size11.64 MB


YouTube Vanced MicroG was the best application of its time. It has everything that YouTube viewers usually dream about and ask for. Here is the summary of the important features of this application

Ad and Sponsored Content Block Service

One thing that makes this application worth trying is Ad and sponsored content free YouTube videos. The Ads and sponsored content have ruined YouTube for viewers. Ads are a source of income for YouTube and YouTubers earn by adding sponsored content to their videos.

Therefore, you can not block ads and sponsored content from YouTube’s original application. However, you can download this application and watch YouTube videos without any ads and sponsored content.

Supports MicroG

Even though this is the prequel of YouTube-modified apps, it is advanced enough to support MicroG. As soon as you download the application, it will require you to log in with a Google account.

This would shift all of your saved and favorite content on this modified application. You would not have to search and rebuild your favorite list.

Background play

More than the Ad and sponsored content block, YouTube viewers loved this app for the background play feature. It is because they were longing to get this feature ever since the beginning.

Therefore, the background play feature surprised and rewarded YouTube viewers. With this application, they now do not have to keep the application on to listen to music.

Video Downloader

This modified app has a powerful video downloader. Downloading YouTube videos in the phone’s storage is not possible with the original app. It only allows you to download videos from your YouTube library. However, this versatile app allows you to download directly into the phone’s storage without any aid.

Auto Repeat

Putting the YouTube videos on auto-repeat is a hard nut to crack. However, this application makes it easier. You can put any of your favorite videos on auto-repeat and keep enjoying it without even having to touch the device.


Like other modified apps, this application also congratulates you with dark and light themes. You can explore, test, and put your favorite theme on and use your favorite app.

How to Download and Install Vanced MicroG Apk?

  • Step 1 – First of all, download the Vanced MicroG Apk from the link given here.
  • Step 2 – Next, enable the settings to allow this third-party app to be installed on your device.
  • Step 3 – Lastly, install the app by clicking on the previously downloaded file after activating the Unknown Sources option.


  • Screenshot of Vanced-MicroG Apk
  • Screenshot of Vanced-MicroG App
  • Screenshot of Vanced-MicroG


Is YouTube Vanced MicroG safe?

Yes, YouTube Vanced MicroG is safe. This application has over a million downloads and active users. If it was not safe, it must have been dead by now.

Is YouTube Vanced MicroG available on Google PlayStore?

No, YouTube Vanced MicroG is not available on Google PlayStore. It’s a third-party app, you have to download it from an official or any other trusted website like

Final Verdict

On the whole, YouTube Vanced will still work even without the Vanced MicroG app. However, it would be nothing short of an annoyance as users will be starting from scratch. This app helps you start where you left off by retrieving the YT history and subscriptions.

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