ReVanced Music Apk v6.10.51 Download For Android [Working]

ReVanced Music is the greatest application ever developed for music addicts. Finding a high-quality music app that does not charge a penny is super hard. Now, they do not have to pay a hefty amount of money every single month to get unlimited access to music. Almost every music app is paid for because obtaining a license and maintaining a high-quality music app is costly.

YouTube Music Premium is indeed the best music application since its launch. In my opinion, no music app would ever beat it. It’s a go-to music application for many music addicts.

At the same time, it’s an unfulfilled desire for people who can not afford to pay for it. YouTube ReVanced music application is a powerful step taken for music addicts who can not pay $119.99 every year. 

Let’s discuss it a little.

What is ReVanced Music?

ReVanced Music is a modified version of the most popular and trusted music application, YouTube Music Premium. It is developed by a music addict for people having similar interests for an unparalleled experience.  

You can download it and have access to your favorite music and the premium features of YouTube Music for free. You may wonder if it’s compatible with you.

At the moment, it is available for casual listeners and die-hard music fans having Android and iOS devices. A team of thorough professionals is working on it. It is anticipated that this versatile music application would soon be available on other devices as well.

This application has been released this very year. It’s 100x better and more advanced than the application you may have used previously. So, don’t let your previous experience influence your decision. Try it out but first have a look at its features

App Details

NameYT Music ReVanced
Size54.2 MB and 38.7 MB


As mentioned above, it’s a modified version of YouTube Music Premium like Vanced Music. Therefore, the features of this music tool are more or less the same as this popular music app. If we get more specific, here is what you would get in this modified application:

Ad and Sponsored Content Block

The ad and sponsored content block is the most promising addition to this application. You have to spend hundreds of dollars otherwise to get rid of the ads.

However, how easily and forgivingly this application has resolved the issue for all of us. You can disable all kinds of ads and sponsored stuff. This would allow you to stream your favorite music non-stop without any interruptions.

Extensive Music Library

This application grants you a chance to build an extensive music library. Most music apps do not allow you to have an extensive music library unless you pay for it. 

However, this application does not even demand a single penny to have it. Music addicts understand the importance of having an extensive music library. It provides a wider variety of music to suit every mood and choose from.

Play in Background

With this application, you can play your favorite music in the background. Fortunately, you do not have to stay on the application to enjoy music. You can play games, check your social media accounts, and a lot more while listening to music. It would boost your productivity and improve your mood.

Customizable Audio Settings

Everyone’s preferences are different when it comes to bass, treble, and other parameters. Usually, music applications require you to settle, however, this one is an exception.

It gives you complete freedom to adjust volume, treble, and other parameters according to your preferences. That’s not even surprising, being able to do that pretty easily is.

Supports MicroG

Even though it’s a third-party application, you can still log in with your Google account. You can choose not to log in with your Google account as well. However, syncing your Google account would help you access your data easily.

In Built Downloader

If you do not have WIFI access all the time, this would be your favorite feature. This application has an inbuilt downloader that allows you to download music straight to your phone’s storage without any hassle. This eliminates the need to have WIFI access to listen to your favorite music.

Offline Mode

Offline Mode is a well-thought-out addition to this music application. It allows you to download music from your app’s library and listen to it non-stop without connecting your phone to WIFI.

Real-Time Lyrics

This app is not developed just to play music. It goes beyond allowing you to interrupt real-time lyrics. You can read the lyrics of any favorite song on this application instead of opening Google and searching for it.

Speed Control

Speed control means you can increase or decrease the speed of audio and visual content. Listening to music at a high or low speed is no fun. However, you can use this feature for podcasts.

Restricted Mode

This is a valuable feature for people with kids. This feature grants you the control to restrict any kind of content without any hassle.


Besides the above-mentioned features, this application allows you to customize the logo, control volume easily, and choose themes.

How to download and install ReVanced Music for Android?

To download this application, you have to follow this step-by-step guide.

  • Step One – Click the download button or go to the official website to download the tool
  • Step Two – Go to your phone’s settings and enable the unknown resources to install the application
  • Step Three – Find the ReVanced Music file in your downloaded files, click to install
  • Step Four – Give the necessary permissions, sign in with your Google account, and you are done!


  • Screenshot of ReVanced Music App
  • Screenshot of ReVanced Music
  • Screenshot of ReVanced Music Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ReVanced Music an alternative to YouTube Music Premium?

Yes, ReVanced Music is the best alternative to YouTube Music Premium. It is because this application is the modified version of the world’s best music platform(YouTube Music).

Is ReVanced Music still available?

Yes, ReVanced Music is just released. So, it’s available, you can download it from and stream music.


ReVanced Music is the best modified YouTube Music Premium version. It is just launched with all the premium features you normally have to pay for. Download it now to save your money and stream your favorite music non-stop.

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