YouTube Vanced Mod Apk v18.23.35 For Android [Latest]

YouTube Vanced Mod Apk is the perfect solution for unlocking YouTube Premium features for free. It is not just a YouTube without ads, this modified version exceeds the user’s expectations with a plethora of useful features.

In short, YouTube Vanced Mod Apk for Android works similarly to YouTube Premium. No wonder aspiring users are super psyched to try this YouTube mod making waves right now.

YouTube mods are rarely a success, most of them do not work as advertised. However, YouTube Vanced Mod is committed to its bit and delivers what promises. With added features and enhancements, it improves your experience of watching content significantly.

Also, YouTube Vanced and ReVanced Extended are other efficient YT mods offered by the team. Hence, if you can not install this version, there is always an option to choose from the aforementioned mods. Not to mention, one of the reasons for its immense popularity is free services. Unlike the official platform, it offers everything for free, so, are you down to try it?

What is YouTube Vanced Mod Apk?

This video player application is a modified version of the official YouTube app with multiple outstanding enhancements. It has an integrated ad-blocking system to watch content without being bothered by incessant ads.

While this is one of the primary features, YouTube Vanced Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) has many exciting things in store for users. These enhancements are not found in the regular app that YouTube Vanced Mod Apk latest version offers.

Besides ad-blocking, it allows users to enjoy background play, customize the interface with themes of their choice, PiP mode, adjust resolution, and enable/disable certain settings.

Further, it allows you to adjust brightness and volume with swipe controls. Interestingly enough, YouTube Vanced app supports zoom in and forces high-resolution display on videos.

In addition, users can enable auto-repeat to automatically restart the video when it ends. Moreover, there is an option to listen to audio even after exiting the app and while browsing other apps. Plus, it saves battery even when you are using it in parallel with another browser. To top it all off, this app is free to use.

App Details

NameYouTube Pro
Size97.4 MB
Downloads10 Million+


YouTube Vanced is a modified and improved version of YouTube. The YouTube Vanced mode app is the modified version of this modified application(YouTube Vanced).

Therefore, this modified version came out with advanced features and a lot of other improvements. If you are having difficulty downloading YouTube Vanced or want to get more premium features, this is an ideal option.

Ad Block

Ad block service is an amazing feature that both YouTube Vanced and this app provide. It shows YouTube content without any ads. So, with this tool, you neither have to watch nor skip ads at all.

The video runs smoothly and gives users a lasting experience. Whereas, watching ad-free videos on YouTube for free seems impossible. It is because ads are the only source of income for this video-sharing platform.

Therefore, do not expect YouTube to add this incredible feature. Either switch to Premium or download this application instead. Switching to YouTube Premium when you can get the same features for free does not sound logical, right?

High-Quality Video

High-quality video is the one reason why you should switch to this application. Quite the opposite of your expectations, this third-party tool plays videos in HD. Surprisingly, you can watch poor-quality videos better on this third-party application. That’s incredible.

Fullest and Better Audio

The exceptional audio quality is another plus point of this application. The high-quality video and better audio quality make watching YouTube videos so much fun. Imagine rewatching your favorite videos with improved sound and visual quality. How fun would that be?

Battery Saving Mode

Streaming videos on YouTube takes a lot of battery. Even the newer more advanced devices’ batteries drain faster on YouTube. Therefore, this application introduces the battery-saving mode. Now you can stream your favorite videos all day long without having to recharge every few hours.

New and Improved Themes

Most YouTube modifying apps allow you to switch to dark or light themes only. However, this one is an exception, you have a variety of options. You can explore the options and choose according to your preference.

Video Playback Mode

Video playback mode is only available on YouTube. Regular YouTube visitors however wish to have this feature for free. YouTube did not introduce this feature but these third-party applications have.

With this tool, you can listen to music or watch YouTube content without any interruption. You can play the video in the background and play games, chat with your friends, and even search for things on the internet.

MicroG Support

The most promising thing about this third-party tool is that it supports MicroG. So, you do not have to find and subscribe to your favorite channels and save videos again.

It is because this application allows you to log in with your Google account. All your saved videos and favorite content would begin to show up. You would not feel even for a minute that you are using any other app.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Picture-in-Picture Mode is the most amazing addition to this application. It allows you to watch the video in a small-sized player while completing your important tasks on the phone.

Better Swipe Control

Most users have found YouTube controls confusing and daunting. This third-party application has resolved the issue for us by introducing an easier way to adjust the volume and brightness.


Moreover, this application allows you to enable/disable annotations, autoplay and suggested content. There are some other small but super forgiving changes made to this app. It’s hard to discuss all as it gets updated frequently. You get to see a new, improved, and exciting feature every other day.

Do check out our guide on how to use ReVanced Extended For IOS.

How to Download and Install YouTube Vanced Mod Apk?

The Vanced team keeps updating their mods, so, it is wise to install the latest version with significant improvements and no bugs. Lucky for you, there is a malware-free, active download link available here to the mod.

Here is a quick rundown of the installation process for this YT mod

  • Download – First of all, download the YouTube Vanced Mod apk from the link given here. Soon after you will be redirected to a download page where the downloading process begins.
  • Allow Apk Apps – Installing apps from external sources other than Google Play Store requires the users to allow third-party apps on the device first. To that end, head to the security tab within settings and install Unknown Sources.
  • Installation – Lastly, it takes barely a minute or two to install this mod. Simply go to the download section of the browser, click on the recently downloaded file, and wait patiently.
  • Usage – Once installed and log in with your Google account to retrieve history, recommendations, and subscriptions. Tweak settings, play with different themes to choose the right one, and enjoy ad-free video content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use YouTube Vanced mod Apk?

Yes, it’s safe to use YouTube Vanced mod Apk. However, you have to download it from a trusted source otherwise you will end up installing pirated software.

Is YouTube Vanced mod Apk legal?

No, YouTube Vanced mod Apk is not legal but safe for you. Therefore, there is no harm in trying it out.

Will the YouTube Vanced mod Apk harm my device?

No, YouTube Vanced mod Apk would not harm your device if downloaded from a trusted source. You can download it from this website to protect your device from viruses.

Key Takeaway

Lastly, this modified version gives free and immediate access to the premium content and features for free. Ad-blocking, background playback, PiP mode, Google sync, and swipe controls give it an edge over the regular app. Wait no more, give it a shot, and see if you enjoy the new video viewing experience. If you do, share it with your friends and leave your feedback about the mod in the comment section below.

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