YouTube Pro APK v18.18.36 Download For Android [Latest]

YouTube Pro APK is another valuable addition to the vast collection of YouTube mods. It offers several perks that users fail to get in the official app. While it is not diametrically opposed to the original video-sharing app, YT Pro contains several features to give it an edge. On top of that, a user will get the most of the pro features without paying a single penny.

In short, it is exactly like YouTube with the addition of exclusive, user-friendly functions. Additionally, there are multiple options if you want to try out different YT alternatives.

For instance, YouTube ReVanced Extended, YouTube Vanced, and YouTube ReVanced. Coming to the subject matter, find out how YouTube Pro Latest Version enhances your YouTube-watching experience.

What is YouTube Pro APK?

This advanced version is built similarly to Vanced YT Mod with exclusive features and an AMOLED black theme. Primarily, the app blocks all kinds of intrusive ads and lets you play videos in the background while you browse other apps.

Moreover, it leaves you flustered with many other unique features such as instant download, sponsor block, swipe control, microG support, and dark theme.

Unlike the original YouTube, this app allows you to download videos directly to your phone storage. In addition, it lifts all kinds of restrictions from content available on the mod app, anyone can access content without country limitations.

Plus, users do not have to sacrifice video quality as it supports up to 4K. Moreover, it displays dislike count and saves battery as well as downloads thumbnails and audio.

App Details

NameYouTube ReVanced
Size128 MB
Downloads10 Million+


YouTube Pro Apk is a modified version of YouTube, however, it is more advanced and forgiving. This modified version of YouTube comes with a lot of exciting features that you are missing out on in the original application. If we get more specific, here is what this application has in store for you.

Instant In-built Downloader

This modified version of YouTube has the most high-speed inbuilt downloader. It does not just save you from the hassle of using external downloaders but downloads super fast as well. Above all, the application stores these videos in your gallery, not the library.

Ad-Free Content

This version of YouTube filters out the content for you and makes it ads-free. So, if you do not want to watch annoying ads over and over again, that’s the best application to download.

Background Play

Do you often don’t listen to your favorite songs because YouTube doesn’t support background play? No worries, this application has this feature as well. It allows you to play all kinds of YouTube videos in the background.

Restricted Mode

Sometimes we get recommendations “totally” against our interests. Now, you don’t have to hide it, you can choose to restrict the content to your favorites only.

Video Quality Options

Just like the original YouTube application, you can control the video quality on this application as well. So, whenever you have to save data, you can switch to low quality otherwise keep choosing 1080p.

Sponsor Block

Don’t want to waste your time watching paid promotions? This application has resolved the issue. It blocks sponsored content, saves your time, and entertains you well.

How to Download and Install YouTube Pro APK?

  • Firstly, download the YT Pro APK from the link available here.
  • Secondly, permit Install From Unknown Sources option before continuing to installation.
  • Thirdly, install the YT alternative by clicking on the downloaded Apk file.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the download size of YouTube Pro Apk?

The download size of YouTube Pro Apk is 126 MB. So, you need to have that much vacant memory to download this application.

Is YouTube Pro Apk worth downloading?

Yes, YouTube Pro Apk is worth downloading. It makes available all the premium features of YouTube for free.


To sum up, the developer has packaged all the features that a user needs in a single application. It is well-liked by the users for its functions and the interruption-free experience it offers. So, try it once and see if this YT alternative lives up to the hype.

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