YouTube Black Apk v15.50.35 Download For Android [Working]

YouTube Black APK is addicting, convenient, and the perfect solution to all your YouTube woes. Nowadays, this YT mod is enjoying its time in the limelight and has left fans impressed with its amazing functions.

Just for clarity, Black YouTube is not an official alternative to YouTube Premium. Instead, this app is developed by an independent developer to offer pro functions for free.

It is thoughtfully designed to eliminate all elements that are bothering the users of the official app. Well, the mod has done so successfully, it works like magic and delivers what promises. Additionally, it boasts vast customizations and offers the best experience without unnecessary limitations and interruption.

What is YouTube Black APK?

The recent iteration of the Black YouTube APK has similar features as YouTube Vanced, YouTube ReVanced Extended, YouTube Pink, and Vanced Mod.

Furthermore, it features an in-built ad blocker that blocks all kinds of in-video ads and pop-ups. The app supports background play, it keeps playing with another application running in the foreground.

The user interface is nearly similar to the official platform barring swipe controls for adjusting volume and brightness. In addition, play your favorite video automatically without having to manually re-play them every time it ends.

Plus, users can switch to the dark theme to save battery and prevent eye strain. Moreover, it supports PiP mode, offline viewing, dislike return, maximum resolution, downloading, and vast customizations.

App Details

NameYouTube Black
Size97.95 MB


YouTube Black is not just an improved version of YouTube, it’s even better than the modded apps available in the market. So, even if you are done downloading and trying these modded apps, give this a chance.

  • Ad and Sponsored Content Blocker – Ad and sponsored content blocker is the most useful feature of this application. The original YouTube runs a lot of ads and sponsored content as it earns from it. However, the sponsored content and ads are of no use to us. Since this modified application is made keeping our needs in mind, it blocks all sorts of advertisements for us.
  • Background Play – The background play feature is not any less forgiving. It allows us to surf the internet, play games, and play videos in the background at the same time.
  • Auto Repeat – Music lovers would love the auto-repeat feature of this modified YouTube application. It saves them from playing the video again and again. All they have to do is enable auto-repeat, and the video would automatically play over and over again.
  • Video Downloader – You can download any YouTube video from this modified application directly into your phone’s gallery. However, the original YouTube application permits you to save the videos in the library.
  • Picture in Picture Mode –  Want to watch a video while surfing the internet? This application has got you covered. Enable the picture in picture mode and watch videos in a small player.

How to Download and Install YouTube Black Apk?

  • Step 1 – First off, download the YouTube Black apk from the links available here.
  • Step 2 – Secondly, go to the Security settings tab to turn on Unknown Sources and continue to the installation of the mod.
  • Step 3 – Lastly, the installation will begin a few seconds after clicking on the downloaded file.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does YouTube Black mean?

YouTube Black is a modified application of YouTube. It grants you access to all premium features of YouTube without even charging a penny.

Is YouTube Black available on Google PlayStore?

No, YouTube Black is a third-party app so it’s not available on Google PlayStore. Any third-party app is not available on Google PlayStore. You can find it only on such websites.

Key Takeaway

To sum up, this is a new YT mod that has made a splash ever since its release. It is garnering attention from the YT users trying to switch to a better mod. All in all, it is worth trying once, if it does not live up to your expectations, install another mod from our website.

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