LibreTube APK v0.16.1 Download For Android [Working]

LibreTube APK perfectly meets all your demands when it comes to enhancing the YT-watching experience. Blocking ads, background playback, and optimal privacy are not just sweet delusions anymore. This mod offers all the aforementioned functions and some more. Additionally, it is a perfect alternative to YouTube Vanced and ReVanced.

LibreTube Mod APK does not just offer run-of-the-mill functions with no rarity. While it has a unique function, the theme is pretty similar to the classic YT to appease users averted to change. It maximizes video enjoyment by incorporating extremely useful features and enhanced privacy.

What is LibreTube APK?

Published by XelXen and Bnyro, this app is all about providing endless content without ads and restrictions. Moreover, users can enjoy content from all over the world privately and anonymously.

This privacy-focused app does not ask for any personal information and uses Piped API for data retrieval. It eliminates the need to sync in a YouTube account or Google services.

Moreover, the superior streaming quality changes the video quality automatically to ensure no lag and buffer-free playback. Subscribed users can enjoy ad-free content without any interruption.

Users can download their favorite content in an instant or save it for offline viewing. The advanced algorithm offers personalized recommendations and content discovery tailored to their preferences.

Further, you can enable/disable subtitles, adjust video playback, switch between light and dark modes, and choose from different accent colors.

App Details

NameLibreTube APK
Package Namecom.github.libretube
Size17.28 MB


LibreTube is the most advanced and thoughtfully designed YouTube-modified application ever introduced. It’s a one-stop solution for all your needs: streaming random videos, movies, and TV. Now you must be wondering there are several other such apps as well, what makes this unique? Let’s find out

  • Intuitive interface – The most promising thing about this alternative app is that it has a very intuitive interface. The intuitive interface makes it easy for the users to navigate and improves the overall experience.
  • Ad Block  – Ad block service is also what makes this application unique. This application shows content after filtering ads and sponsored content. It saves your time and allows you to watch meaningful content without any hassle.
  • Customization – This modified application allows you to customize a lot of features. More specifically, choose the video quality, and change the theme, color, format, and even location.
  • Video Playback – Video playback is an incredible feature for people who love to multitask. You can play videos in the background such as browsing the web, checking email, playing games, and chatting with your friends.
  • Instant Downloader – This application comes packed with an instant inbuilt downloader. With this downloading feature, you can instantly download the videos into your phone’s gallery.
  • Content Filter – Content filter is an innovative feature. It allows you to filter out your favorite content and block unwanted recommendations.

How to Download and Install LibreTube APK?

  • Step 1 – First off, download the LibreTube apk by clicking on the download button given above on
  • Step 2 – There is one thing to do extra when installing from external sources, enable Unknown Sources from the security settings tab.
  • Step 3 – Lastly, install this amazing mod for YT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LibreTube safe?

Yes, LibreTube is safe. It is tested for malware and data tracking code, so you can download and use it.

Is LibreTube an alternative to YouTube?

Yes, LibreTube is an alternative application. Instead of getting a subscription to YouTube Premium, you can download it and have all the premium features.

Can I use LibreTube with my Google account?

No, you can not use LibreTube with your Google account. There are some other alternatives that you can use with your Google account. Explore the website to find out.


Lastly, users can enjoy high-quality streaming, ad-free content, and instant downloading tailored to their interests. It is a reliable platform with a growing community, so, do you plan on joining the LibreTubd community anytime soon?

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